Headshot photo of Eric

Eric Kim-Butler

Software Engineer Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The Gist

I am a remote software engineer with 11+ years of professional experience working at startup-staged companies. I have a deep drive to create quality software that empowers its users. I also have a passion for DEI and have worked to make technology a more welcoming place for all.


Work Experience


  1. QLC


    Fast, multi-threaded compiler for TypeScript definitions from GraphQL

  2. solid-a11y

    TypeScript, SolidJS

    Fully accessible, unstyled component library for SolidJS

  3. Personal channel promoting career growth, pedagogical content, and inclusivity in engineering

  4. Other Open-Source

    Jest, eslint, nixpkgs, RxJS, Elixir, terraform


Bachelors of Science

Wilkes University | 2009-2013

Majors: Computer Science and Philosophy

Coursework: Algorithms & Datastructures, Operating Systems, Networking, and Ethics